Life Jacket Light W/O Battery

Life Jacket Light W/O Battery
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Life Jacket Light W/O Battery

Marine life jacket light is usually equipped on the jacket, which is suitable for instructing the position of life jackets or life buoy of rescue person and people who fell down the ship at sea at night, in order to achieve the purpose of rapid rescue.


1.The battery will be operated automatically upon entry into the water.
2.Each life jacket shall be fitted with a light complying with the requirements for a 0.75 cd light.
3.The life jacket light is a great helper for arousing rescue.
4.A spare part for life vest, it is easy to be found in the darkness.
5.Lithium battery - 5 year storage life.


Type : DFYD-E
Luminous Intensity : ≥0.75cd
Time of Power : ≥8h
Operation Voltage : 3.6V
Stowage Environment Temperature : -30℃~ +65℃
Water-activated Temperature : -1℃~ +30℃
Lighting Form : Flashing
Flash Frequency : 50 ~ 70times/min
Color of Light : White
Weight (Excluding battery) : ≤ 100 g