Embarkation Rope Ladder

Embarkation Rope Ladder
Brand: YEAN
Product Code: ISO5489-LX-SX
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Detailed Specification of Embarkation Ladder

1. It is applicable to use in emergency enviroment,such as in life-boat saving,help people from sea to the boat,Equipped in the embarking place of the life raft and boat, for pilots to board and leave the vessels.

2. In accordance with the 2000 Amendments to SOLAS 1974 and LSA.

3. The lowest 4 steps are rubber plates with steel lining; The count-down fifth plate is spreader step, and there are 8 short boards between two neighboring spreader steps; The distance between two neighboring steps:310+/-5mm.

Product Inspection Standard

1. MSC. 48 (66) The International Life-Saving Appliance Coad
2. 2000 Amendments To SOLAS 1974
3. ISO5489-2008 (E) Ships And Marine Technology: Rope Ladder