Warning Light - LONAKO

Warning Light - LONAKO
Brand: Lonako
Product Code: LNK-WL-RGW
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LONAKO Series warning lights are designed for improving safety of ships and indicating the position of especial objects in the night or poor visibility weather. The lithium batteries inside lights can be recharged by both of solar and wind powers all day and all warning lights can automatically output flashing light depending on itself light-sensitive system. Each type light has different functions and all the functions can be circularly changed by manual switch and wireless remote according to the requirements of situations and weather. LONAKO warning lights are specially fit for the small ships, yachts, fish boats, wharfs, berths, houses and so on.

Light Color : Three Colors: Near to 112,5° Red & 112,5° & 135° White, Single Color: 360° White
Activation : Control Switch Of External Power
Light Source : LED
Light Type : Steady Light
Activation : Automatically Light-Activated
Function : Each Light has at least four functions
Function Control : Manual switch and wireless remote
Max. RC Distance : 30 m
Power Source : Rechargeable lithium battery
Power : 8~33v External Power
Recharging Energy : Both of solar power and wind power
Max. Resistance Wind-Force : 12 Wind
Storing and Working Temperature : -30~+65°C (-22~+149°F)
Dimension : Main Body: 115*73,2mm
Weight | Light and wireless romote: 245g
Weight | Bracket and Screws: 120g
Ingress Protection : Ip 65
Performance : UV-resistant, Fire-resistant, Oil-resistant, Mould-proof, Corrosion-proof
Approval : CE and FCC
Weight : 442 Gr

1. LONAKO warning light should be installed on the top and side of ships and objects in order to ensure its maximum visibility in all directions. And the position of installation should avoid the risk of lightning stroke.

2. The components for installation include 1pcs shim, 6pcs screws, 2pcs nut and 6pcs clip. The biggest two clips are fit for 1.2~1.3 Inch pipe. The two smaller clips can be separately inserted into the biggest clips to become one unit bracket for 0.7~0.8 Inch pipe. The component and brackets are as below pictures.

3. When installing the light, user should choose the suitable clips according to the size of pipe. One biggest clip with four holes can be fixed with llight in vertical or horizontal direction. So the user should confirm the installation direction of pipe before installation.

4. Installation of light is very simple. Please operate as below pictures according to the direction of pipe and ensure the wind fan vertical with water surface. If There are not suitable clips in harmony with pipe, user has to look for the other way to install the light and must ensure the installation tightness.

1. The functions maybe different according to selling fields. The distributor should explain and show them to users.

2. After the warning light is installed well, user can press "POWER ON/OFF" to turn on the light. Please note that the light will quickly flash 2-3s to proveit in the good status when it is turned on every time. Then come into the first function.

3. Normally the first function shall be controlled by light sensor. In The night or poor visibility, the light will automatically turn on. When the visibility of weather becomes good, light will turn off automatically.

4. Press "FUNCTION SWITCH" on light or wireless remote to circularly change functions. Except the first function, the other functions will keep working unless user press "POWER ON/OFF" switch on light to completely turn off the light or press "FUNCTION SWITCH" on wireless remote to OFF on standby.

5. SOS Signal should be used in the emergency situation only

6. The steady light can be used as assistant lighting equipment in the special situation, but the continuous working time is not more than 12 hours in order to ensure the normal life of battery

7. User can press "POWER ON/OFF" on light to completely turn off the light and also can press "FUNCTION SWITCH" on light or remote to OFF on standby. The battery will be recharged by solar and wind powers all day whatever the light is working or off. So the light has enough power to work.

8. The maximum control distance of wireless remote is normal 30m without any obstacle between light and remote. If the indicating LED on remote becomes weak, user can buy new battery to replace and assemble remote well.

9. Normally each wireless remote matches its light. But if the old remote is lost or bad, the user can just buy new remote to match the old light. The operation is very easy.

- First, use one hand to keep pressing "FUNCTION SWITCH" on remote and point the light;

- Second, use the other hand to press "POWER ON/OFF" on the bottom of light to turn on the light. After two seconds, the new remote shall match the old light.

- Third, press "FUNCTION SWITCH" on remote and change the functions. It should be ok.

10. LNK-WL-RGW is not the standard navigation light. So users cannot use it to replace the standard navigation light.

LONAKO warning lights are maintenance free, but the following checks should be made in time:
1. Keep the original packaging of light well and do not put heavy goods on light during storage.
2. The battery must be recharged at least one time within 3 monthes during storage in order to ensure its normal life. If the light is stored over 3 monthes, user should put the light under sunlight to recharge the battery at least 8 hours.
3. Inspect and clean solar panel and light sensor each 6 monthes in order to ensure its efficiency of absorbing sunlight and sensitivity of distinguishing visibility.

LONAKO marine warning lights contain lithium battery. These must be handled correctly:
1. Do not dismantle the light and battery pack
2. Do not make any external electrical connection.
3. Do not recharge the battery except product itself function.
4. Do not incinerate
5. Store between -30°C~+65°C (-22~+149°F)
6. Dispose of used and expired lights in accordance with local regulation.